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My Super Mommies

March 16, 2009
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Diary of a SuperMommy: Blog

1-26-08 After posting a message about my super easy and healthy week long menu (1-22-09) I received some e-mails with a question like the one below. Here's the answer:

Q: Krys, can we have an idea of what sort of snacks you may be eating?

A: The fit snacks I can not live without:
pretzels & hummus
-raw veggies & hummus (my favorite brand )
-boiled eggs
-ww crackers with turkey/cheese
-protein shakes (Vanilla Whey Science)
-Smoothies (@ home- Protein, stevia, strawberries & bananas)
-Apples and almond butter dip
-Trail Mix (home mix- 3 pt Almonds, 1 pt dried cranberries, 1 pt honey sesame sticks or ww honey bunnies)
- Fruit Salad (home mix- equal parts grapes, bananas, red and green apples)
-Turkey & Cheese Roll Up

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