Friday, June 5, 2009

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April 29, 2009
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Sabra's chipotle hummus

WE TRIED: Sabra's new chipotle hummus ($3.99)

WHAT IT IS: This hummus has smoke-dried chipotle blended throughout. To add an extra kick, there's a dollop of a chipotle, pepper and oil mixture on top.

WHY WE TRIED IT: I eat hummus almost daily, and Sabra is one of my favorites. I had never tried a spicy hummus, so I was anxious to sample the chipotle flavor.

GUT REACTION: It's the same smooth, creamy texture as Sabra's classic hummus. Because I'm accustomed to garlic being the dominant flavor in most hummus I eat, the chipotle flavor is a little jarring at first.

SEVERAL BITES LATER: By the fifth or sixth bite I'm hooked. The spicy chipotle flavor is a great way to break out of my daily ho-hummus routine.

WHERE TO GET IT: Try Bigg's, 3872 Paxton Ave., Oakley, 513-619-5454 or

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