Friday, May 6, 2011

Ball Park Business

Spinners to Host Behind the Scenes Wine Tasting Fundraiser

MAY 6, 201

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PRESS RELEASE – The Lowell Spinners, Class-A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, are offering fans a behind the scenes look at LeLacheur Park with a special Wine Tasting event the evening of Thursday, May 19 to benefit the Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The evening will feature some of the region’s finest wines, donated and hand selected by the staff of Tutto Bene, as well as a sampling of beers courtesy of Merrimack Valley Distributors. Hors d’œuvre will be provided by Cobblestones of Lowell, Moonstones of Chelmsford and Mediterranean spreads and dips by Sabra Hummus and Falafel by the Falafel Republic. In addition some of the region’s finest seafood will be available, courtesy of Boston Chowda.

The event offers a chance to get a behind the scenes look at the Spinners operation. Wine, beer and food pairings will be available on the concourse level of LeLacheur Park, while the Red Sox/Tigers game will be shown live on the Pepsi ProStar Video Board. Fans are encouraged to come ready for game action, with batting practice on the LeLacheur Park diamond a main offering. In addition, O’Keefe, who played himself as Micky Ward’s trainer in The Fighter, will be on hand for photos, autographs and more!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wit & Whimsy

Satisfying Snack

May 3rd, 2011

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Moving to New York has made me a lot of things: more independent, more street savvy, more into walking everywhere. The thing it has not made me? Skinnier! I’ve done quite a satisfactory job of putting on extra lbs since my swapping of coasts (this sort of thing is clearly not helping) and with swimsuit season practically on my Upper East Side doorstep, I’ve put a whole lot of effort behind trying to eat better and being creative with my snacks. Here are a few of my recent go-tos that I highly recommend.

Hummus and Carrots + Sabra Pine Nut

This hummus is de-lic-ious and I love pairing it with baby carrots or whole wheat tortillas. The chickpeas in hummus make it full of fiber which also fills you up faster. Yay!

This hummus is de-lic-ious and I love pairing it with baby carrots or whole wheat tortillas. The chickpeas in hummus make it full of fiber which also fills you up faster. Yay!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arab Detroit

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Just ten years ago, no one but a handful of vegetarians had ever heard of hummus. Today, Nielson reports the existing market for hummus is at $250 million— with the dip now being declared the fastest growing deli item in supermarkets. Now, in addition to choosing amongst different brands, the consumer can select from an array of new hummus flavors such as roasted red pepper and spicy cilantro.
Hummus, which literally translates from Arabic to “chickpeas”, is a blend of garbanzo beans and sesame (tahini) paste. Although the actual bean traces its roots to India and Europe, the hummus ingredients are known to be cultivated in the ancient Mediterranean world. And while it has long been a staple in the diets of Middle Easterners, hummus is now acquiring attention from millions of diverse customers in the US and abroad.
Such attention was amassed this past summer as Sabra Dipping Company made great efforts to introduce hummus to a broader public. Sabra, one of the leading dip manufacturers, took an 11 city tour across North America in which they transformed public spaces into cafés equipped with Mediterranean themed village settings and music. The company, which saw over +50% growth in sales this past year, distributed hundreds of thousands of classic hummus samples to a mass of consumers.
Wild Garden Hummus (produced by Ziyad Brothers Inc.) is another US leading manufacturer seeing a climb in their sales. Unlike competing companies, Wild Garden produces small individual servings of hummus—making it more accessible for those who like to grab healthy snacks on the go. Nassem Ziyad, General Manager, says “hummus is popularizing mainly because there is a new craze over healthy eating.” In fact, due to the dip’s great source of fiber and protein, many high schools and universities have approached Wild Garden as part of their campaign to incorporate healthier food choices into school cafeterias.

In addition to the new wave of health consciousness, Ziyad points out alternative reasons for the hummus craze, “With the economy in bad shape, consumers are becoming very picky about what they are eating—selecting more low-cost, satisfying foods.” Also, consumers are getting bored with the average go-to American foods, and therefore have become as Ziyad puts it “increasingly open-minded to trying something unique and exotic.”
Ziyad also added, “for many, hummus is a springboard into trying other Arabic specialties.” Heather Nicholson of Livonia recalls her experience of first trying hummus, saying “At first I was hesitant as I thought it looked so peculiar, but I was soon hooked, and that’s what really got me interested in trying other Arabic foods like tabbouli and falafel.” Like Nicholson, millions of Americans are getting hooked on hummus, indicating we are indeed witnessing a new era-- an era better known as ‘the hummus revolution’.

Kiss 108fm

Sabra Sponsors

May 1, 2011

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Sabra Hummus

Visit the Sabra Hummus booth at KISS CONCERT 2010 and enjoy delicious sample of Sabra Hummus.