Friday, June 5, 2009


May 2009
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Bringing In New Business

A wave of layoffs has county leaders in Chesterfield looking for ways to boost the economy.
In recent weeks, three companies have announced more than 700 layoffs: 450 jobs lost at the Chesterfield Dupont Spruance Plant; 261 workers let go at Advanta Staff, Inc., 56 pink slips for workers at Kaiser Aluminum's Bellewood Plant.
Deputy County Administrator Pete Stith says his economic development team is working on reeling in new businesses. "We get 2 to 3 visits a day from companies who are looking at Chesterfield. There are a couple of companies we think we're going to land once the economy turns around...they've already made a commitment to the we think we are still somewhat in the driver's seat," says Stith.
He says Sabra Dipping Company is expected to bring hundred of jobs. The new plant will make humus and vegetable dips.

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