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Sabra Launches Mediterranean Foods Ad Campaign

June 17, 2010
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ASTORIA, NY -- Sabra Dipping Co. LLC, a joint venture between the Strauss Group and the Frito-Lay North America division of PepsiCo, is kicking off a nationwide multimedia advertising campaign to promote its wide variety of vegetarian spreads and dips.

Advertising Age reported that Sabra tested the campaign in five regional markets last year and, based on its success, has expanded it nationwide. Launched last week, it includes television commercials, websites, digital ads, and a presence in social media like Facebook and Twitter, along with other promotions and events.

The campaign proposes to rescue those "in need of a taste intervention" by getting them to try Sabra’s hummus (offered in 15 flavors), babaganoush, ratatouille, Turkish salad and more. Visitors to the campaign website,, can nominate family members and friends who need an intervention to help them "get out of a food rut." The website offers visitors the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes, offering a trip to Turkey as first prize.

The television commercials position Sabra as a delicious way to "taste the Mediterranean without leaving home." They're intended to promote the Sabra line to the growing ranks of Mediterranean-diet enthusiasts who already enjoy the vegetarian classics, and to introduce them to those unfamiliar with the time-honored staple dishes.

Ad Age said Sabra plans to spend "significantly" more on advertising this year than the estimated $3.3 million it spent last year.

The company opened a new $61 million manufacturing plant in Richmond, VA, last month. Plans call for moving all production to Richmond by September, and relocating company headquarters to the area.

All Sabra products are certified kosher, and all its hummus and eggplant items are pareve. They’re offered in a variety of formats including single-serve "grab-and-go packs."

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