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Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus 10oz
December 9, 2009
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Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus is our go-to dip!

Product Rating: Product Rating: 5.0
Pros: Delicious with everything or on its own.

Cons: Can be addicting.

The Bottom Line: Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus will make a hummus lover out of you!

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that until recently our house, the five food groups have been frozen pizza, T.G.I. Friday's Appetizers, hot dogs, bagels, and Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus. We have recently embarked on a plan to cook more healthily and jettisoned several of these items from our regular rotation. However, we still hold firmly to our delicious and nutritious chickpea spread.

The Basics
Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip/spread with chickpeas as the primary ingredient. While it used to be available primarily in specialty or gourmet food stores, it has become extremely popular and can now be found in college dorms, supermarket delis, and on numerous appetizer menus. Many of the grocery store varieties are dreadful, so now we only buy when Sabra is available.

Although this review is about Sabra's Roasted Garlic flavor, the brand produces an array of hummus varieties. These include Classic (okay), Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts (tasty), and Roasted Red Pepper (tasty), all of which make regular appearances at our local grocery stores. According to the website, they also include Greek Olive, Chunky, Supremely Spicy, Cranberry & Fig, Carmelized Onion, and several other flavors which we have never seen.

A ten ounce tub of Sabra hummus costs around $4.00. We have seen larger (and presumably more cost-efficient) tubs at friends' houses, but not on sale anywhere near where we live. Occasionally I do find a little individual-sized container packaged with pretzel chips to eat on the go for about $2.00. Most of the containers I buy are good for a month or two, so it makes sense to buy in bulk if possible.

Our Love Affair with Sabra
We go through at least two tubs of Sabra hummus each month, with Roasted Garlic being our go-to flavor. Although it's meant for snacking, I often use it as the base of a light lunch as well. We also entertain regularly with Sabra. A tub of this hummus surrounded by crackers, pita chips, miniature tomatoes, and carrot sticks makes for a great appetizer platter.

Why do we love Sabra more than any other mass-produced hummus? The texture is perfect - creamy and spreadable without being too watery. For those who are not familiar with hummus, it is about as thick as peanut butter but wet instead of sticky. The flavors of Sabra hummus are also delicious, particularly the roasted garlic. The garlic is actually visible in a pile at the top of the hummus when you open it, but should be mixed in thoroughly for even seasoning. I often find plain hummus to be a little too bland, but the garlic adds a bit of zip and makes for perfect pairing with just about anything.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus is actually reasonably healthy. Chickpeas are the main ingredient, followed by water and tahini (ground sesame). A two tablespoon serving size contains just seventy calories and a gram each of fiber and protein. Sabra doesn't use trans fats. On the whole, this roasted garlic hummus is a fabulous and filling substitute for fatty ranch dressing or cheese dip.

Overall . . .
There's a reason that hummus has really taken off - it's delicious! After sampling literally dozens of different varieties, we've deemed Sabra Roasted Garlic to be the best of the best. Whether you love hummus or are convinced that you don't, I heartily recommend that you pick some up on your next trip to the supermarket and give it a try.


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