Friday, December 11, 2009

Bite of The Best

125 Best Packaged Foods
November 27, 2009
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(For Women)… I had posted about the 125 Best Foods for Men a while back, when Men’s Health originally published their list, as it had a good number of Bite of the Best notables within (Swanson Organic Chicken Broth, Sabra hummus, McCann’s steel cut oat, Dr. Krackers Classic 3-seed Crackers, Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips, Uncle Bens Whole Grain Brown Rice, Alfresco Chicken Sausage….. just to name a few).

Well, Women’s Health recently came out with their parallel list (it’s a Title 9 thing), so I thought I’d share some of our overlaps again.. You can see the full listing of product selections here.

Kashi was a notable inclusion in the Women’s Health list while Sabra Hummus managed to be one of the few overlaps between the lists, I guess garbanzo beans know no gender bounds, it is some good stuff! McCormick Spices, Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, Seeds of Change and Uncle Ben’s rices, as well as Kellogg Fiber Plus Bars were other features mentioning selections.

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