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Sabra is a company that makes a variety of Mediterranean products. They are mostly known for their hummus. Hummus - typically made from chick peas – is a good source of iron and protein. Sabra’s hummus is also dairy, cholesterol, and trans fat free. Sabra uses fresh, rather than canned, chick peas.

While hummus is something you can easily make on your own, Sabra is a brand I grew up with and it does provide some benefits over the old-fashioned method. Aside from convenience, they have some creative flavors I’m sure I would not have been able to think up.

Jalopeno Hummus

This is my first try in spicy hummus and I think I like it! It had a good kick, but still provided the creamy refreshingness I look for in hummus. I liked how fresh it tasted. Two tablespoons have only 60 calories but feel substantial. It was great dipped with veggies and I’m pretty sure it will make a fantastic sandwich addition.

Classic Babaganoush

I love Babaganoush - in Brooklyn we lived next to an amazing spot that made it in house. While I can’t say this was quite as good as the homemade stuff, this was a 9.75 to it’s 10. And I’m sure it’s healthier; only 70calories per two tablespoons. The texture was a nice and creamy and the flavor had a fabulous smokiness. I told Adam at least twice during my lunch how much I enjoyed it.

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