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Fit to the Finish: Sabra Giveaway Plus Chocolate Hummus Recipe

Sabra Giveaway Plus Chocolate Hummus Recipe!
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You may remember that I am one of Sabra’s Tastemakers, and they have generously offered to give two of my lucky readers the following prizes!

A really nice thermal coffee mug with a lid, and two VIP coupons for a free Sabra product of your choice (either 8, 10, or 14 ounces!)

Last weekend, in preparation for this giveaway, I purchased two containers of classic Sabra hummus, and made two recipes: Chicken Hummus Wraps and Chocolate Hummus.

The chicken salad wraps were easy. I simply assembled my ingredients, spread the hummus on the whole-wheat wraps and rolled them up – so easy and tasty. Everyone loved, loved, loved them!

Later that afternoon, I worked on the chocolate hummus. I combined 60% finely grated chocolate with hummus and put it in the refrigerator, toasted some unsweetened coconut and did not make my own caramel sauce. Why? Because the recipe for carmel sauce the Sabra chef sent me called for 1 cup of heavy cream, and I just couldn’t do it. So I settled for processed, fat-free (but not sugar/calorie free) caramel sauce. (Sorry Sabra chef!)

I laid out the phyllo cups (so cute and only 12.5 calories per cup). Using the handy two spoon method, I put about 1 tbsp. of the chocolate hummus mixture into each cup. Next, I drizzled the not-homemade caramel sauce on top of each filled phyllo cup. Sometimes it drizzled nicely and other times it kinda clumped. Everyone wanted the ones with the clump of caramel! Then I sprinkled some toasted coconut and grated chocolate pieces on top of each cup. Then I swooshed more caramel on the plate to make it look artistic. I think it looks artistic don’t you?

There you have it. Chicken hummus wraps, chocolate hummus and proof from 10 people that it was all very delicious! Do you want to win some hummus and a great coffee mug? It’s easy and you can have six chances to win.

1. Leave me a comment – any type will do, but I’d love to see what you think of chocolate hummus.
2. Follow me on Facebook.
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4. Follow Sabra on Facebook.
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6. Link this post to your blog and leave me a comment to tell me you did.

Good luck!! This is only open to United States residents (sadly) and I will draw the two winners on Sunday, June 19th. Diane

Disclosure: Sabra gave me a $1.00 off coupon to help offset the purchase of the hummus, but I bought everything else myself.

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