Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fit to the Finish: I'm Here Today

I’m Here Today
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Today, I’m at the Sabra hummus plant in Richmond, VA as part of their Tastemakers Panel!! There are 9 blogs represented, and I’ll tell you more about my trip when I get back. Here’s a picture of the plant. You can check my facebook page or twitter feed for updates throughout the day!

When I first lost weight, I wouldn’t have know what hummus was if I stepped in it or saw it on a buffet. However, over the past few years, I became acquainted with the wonderful world of hummus. I didn’t realize that Sabra hummus was a subsidary of PepsiCo (as is Frito-Lay) until I was at the Frit0-Lay blogging event. I had purchased Sabra hummus many times as I really like it. Even my kids enjoy it. (Well, except son number four, who doesn’t like much of anything!)

I’m looking forward to sharing all the details of my trip on Friday, and also happy to tell you that I will have a giveaway in the future!

Do you enjoy hummus?

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