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Product Review: Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
October 14, 2010
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Bell peppers, chickpeas, garlic and tahini. Those are the only ingredients listed for Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on the company's website. I've tried several kinds of hummus and it's my all-time favorite. The garlic is in perfect proportion to the rest of the ingredients. (I find many hummus spreads to have a tad too much garlic in them for my taste.) Tahini is what gives the hummus a creamy texture, not unlike spreadable cheese or peanut butter. My favorite uses for this hummus are:
- spread it on crackers (low-sodium Ritz is a great choice)
- use it as a vegetable dip, especially for grape tomatoes, sliced red pepper and cucumbers

It would make an excellent substitute for cheese in a vegetable quesadilla. (I would suggest roasted or sauteed red pepper, mild onion and mushrooms as a perfect combination.)

I have tried other Sabra hummus flavors: Spinach and Artichoke and Supremly Spicy Hummus. (Both are good, but bear in mind the latter's label isn't lying; it brought tears to my eyes.) I look forward to trying other flavors, but I suspect my favorite won't change.

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