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Go Mediterranean with Sabra
October 13, 2010
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I don’t recall when I tasted hummus for the first time, years ago… all I remember is that it was a revelation. Creamy and smooth; light, yet rich at the same time. There’s nothing else like it. The best thing is that hummus is kid-friendly. My toddler eats it like it’s chocolate pudding, licking it off a spoon. Giving her crackers or pita bread to dip into the hummus is pointless, as she just licks it off until the bread is too soggy to be any good. Sometimes, when I’m not watching, she’ll just use her fingers to get whatever is left in the tub!

There are a few brands of hummus available at the grocery store, but my favorite by far is Sabra. Its hummus doesn’t leave me with a funny aftertaste like one of its competitors, and it’s the perfect consistency. The nice big tub is a huge plus.

Sabra hummus is available in a variety of flavors and convenient sizes – 7oz., 10oz or 14oz. tubs or convenient “To Go” packs. A few of their 13 flavor varieties include:

  • Classic Hummus: High-quality cooked and pureed chickpeas, a touch of garlic and tahini (ground sesame seeds) for a smooth and creamy spread.
  • Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts: Lightly roasted pine nuts is nestled in Classic Hummus.
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Bits of red pepper complement the rich texture of hummus.
  • Chunky Hummus: Grinding is minimized to give the hummus more bite and bold flavor.
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus: An abundance of finely roasted garlic in Classic Hummus.
  • Greek Olive Hummus: Green and Black olives are paired with Classic Hummus.

Not only are Sabra products delicious, they are also nutritious, with no trans-fats or cholesterol. Chickpeas – the main ingredient of Sabra hummus – are a great source of fiber. Some ideas of how to use hummus:

  • Serve hummus and pita bread instead of chips and sour cream.
  • Substitute hummus for mayonnaise in tuna or chicken salad.
  • Substitute hummus for cream cheese or butter on a bagel.
  • Make a hummus sandwich (my girls love this!)
  • Use it to thicken soups.
  • Spread it on prepared pizza dough, top with veggies and cheese, and you’ve got hummus pizza!

Sabra doesn’t just sell hummus, however. They offer a complete line of authentic Mediterranean dips, appetizers and spreads that are perfect for lunch, a tasty snack or entertaining family and friends.

  • Sabra Fresh Dips: Made with creamy Mediterranean–style yogurt, vegetables and spices to make a dip that is healthy enough for an everyday snack. Available in Sauteed Onion, Spicy Pepper, Tzatziki, and Garlic and Herb.
  • Mediterranean Garden Varieties: Italian Caponata, Turkish Salad, Moroccan Matbucha, Babaganoush, and Grilled Eggplant, just to name a few.

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