Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Snazzy Sundays - Simple Pleasures
Sunday, October 18, 2009
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I love a lazy Sunday where you're able to kick back and just enjoy being at home. It's even better when you can do this on a super chilly or rainy day. I always have hummus, crackers and wine which can become an instant way to relax while working online, reading or whatever it is that you're up to. Earlier this summer, I was able to try Yuca Crackers. Although I tried various recipes, I have to say that this organic gluten free cracker is best enjoyed with hummus. When it comes to hummus, I love Sabra - you can't go wrong with any of their flavors. Even when you're alone, you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and there's no reason to save your favorite glasses until you have company, I love the Mara glass from Crate and Barrel. The coasters are a great way to keep track of whose glass is whose or if you and your boyfriend are enjoying it, you can have your own wine tasting. These coasters have chalk that comes with the set so whether you're writing your name, the vineyard or kind of wine - it's easily identified. Make Sun special before you head back into a crazy week!

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