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Guessing All the Way

Sabra Hummus Dips Giveaway
October 18, 2009
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I used to be one that didn't try new foods, but since having my kids I have tried to be more open minded. I don't want them to be as picky as I was growing up. Sabra invited me to host a party to introduce people to their Sabra Hummus Dips. I was sent 4 coupons to purchase their products for my get together. I selected the garlic, classic, roasted red pepper and roasted pine nut flavors. I was so disappointed that my supermarket didn't carry the jalapeno hummus. For our dipping pleasure I chose Stacy's Pita chips, Veggie Chips and Wheatables. Hungry yet??

In case you haven't heard of
Sabra before, let me tell you a little about them. Sabra Hummus is very nutritious and heart healthy. It contains no fat or cholesterol. Sabra Hummus offers more than 26 Mediterranean spreads and dips nationwide. They come in 7oz, 10oz and 14oz tubs just perfect for entertaining or snacking. They have even recently made "to go" servings for individual use. It includes pretzels for dipping.

The consensus at the party was that they were very tasty. They had a nice creamy texture and they all loved the different flavors. The Roasted Red Pepper was my favorite of the four. If I could have gotten the Jalapeno or Chipotle flavors, I am sure one of them would have been my favorite. I won't say I will personally be purchasing them for everyday snacks, but for entertaining they were a hit! Remember, I am a picky eater. I will say that everyone else at the party enjoyed them. Hey, I said I was trying to get better about what I eat.

If you want to try Sabra Hummus Dips, you can purchase them at your local supermarket and specialty stores.

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