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Watch My Butt Shrink!

Snacky Saturday: Two-fer!
May 30, 2009
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Snacky Saturday: Two-fer!

That's right folks, two, two, two - two snacks for the price of one! And since this review is, well, FREE, that's a pretty darn good deal.

Today I'd like to talk to you about hummus. I loves me some good hummus. My mom turned me on to hummus after taking me to a little falafel shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn when we first moved back to New York. We actually went there for the babaganoush, but the hummus was just as yummy.

Since then I've made my own hummus, which is actually pretty easy, but with two little ones hanging off my legs, I don't usually have the time to whip some up. Thus came my quest for the perfect pre-made hummus.

I've been very happy with Sabra hummus. Out of the brands sold at my store, this one is the creamiest and has the best flavor. I usually go for the plain or luscious lemon, and sometimes I get the one with the pine nuts (pinolis to Italians - pinoli cookies are my absolute fave cookie ever. But I digress...). Here's the NI for the plain hummus:

In an effort to incorporate my yummy hummus (look at all those mmm's) into my new lifestyle, I decided to pair it with a pack of Special K crackers, 90 calories for the pack. Cracker NI:

The result is quite tasty! The crackers are nutty, and have a flavor that works very well with the hummus. I usually have about two heaping tablespoons of hummus with one bag of crackers, a snack that is quite filling and satisfying. A bit of crunch, great flavor, and takes a while to eat.

All total the calories are about 160, which I think is well worth it for the satisfaction and fiber that I'm getting.

I buy both items at BJs, so this is an economical snack as well. One box of cracker packs has like 100 packs in it, and the huge tub of hummus lasts us a few weeks (my Hubs is a big hummus fan as well. We're still trying to convert the kids).

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