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RFF Retailer: 2011 All-Star Team Product Awards

2011 All-Star Team Product Awards
by Rich Mitchell
August 11, 2011

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If there is a certainty in the refrigerated and frozen foods merchandising sector, it is that forecasting the top-growing brands in each category is, and will always remain, an exercise in uncertainty.

With such variables as a shifting economy, evolving shopper lifestyles, changing taste preferences and the rollout of new selections, merchandisers face a constant product positioning challenge.

To assist retailers in pinpointing the items with significant revenue-generating potential, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer is presenting its annual All-Star Team Product Awards.

The awards are based on dollar and unit sales data compiled by SymphonyIRI Group—a Chicago-based market research firm—for the 52 weeks ending May 15, 2011.

Analysis was done on the top-10 brands based on dollar sales in approximately 200 refrigerated and frozen categories.

While many brands are consistently the top revenue generators for their respective categories, most of those leaders are not recipients of a 2011 All-Star Team Product Award because of negligible sales growth compared to the year-earlier period.

Award-winning products are recognized in four classes:

• The MVP is given to brands with the largest dollar volumes in their respective categories and at least a 10-percent increase in both dollar and unit sales.

• Grand Slam awards are bestowed on brands that had a 100-percent or more increase in both dollar and unit sales. • The Home Run is for brands with at least a 10-percent increase in both dollar and unit sales.

• Rookie of the Year spotlights the newer brands that are among the top-10 dollar sales generators in their respective categories.

With new products consistently being launched, and some suppliers likely to discontinue items despite their appearance in the top-10 listings, the 2011 All-Star Team Product Awards are just a snapshot of a moment in time. But such moments can pay great dividends to merchandisers who are able to detect and leverage the hottest-selling selections....

Flavored Spreads

Sabra Dipping Co. LLC: Home Run, MVP Summer Fresh Salads: Home Run

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