Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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July 20, 2010

Contest: Sabra Taste Intervention

There’s a national Taste Intervention contest taking place and Sabra Dipping Company is hoping to offer millions of people a chance to break free from their snacking and food ruts. Wouldn’t you like to win a trip to Turkey to attend culinary school or have Sabra’s chef Colombe Jacobson come to your home for one-on-one coaching?

Sabra wants to know your “food ruts” – like does the majority of your lunches consist of a ham sandwich or do you always snack on toast and jelly in the middle of the night? Whatever you’d like to share – Sabra (and I) would like to know.

As for me, I need to break from the wheat crackers and port wine cheese spread. As for my sweetie, he resorts to peanut butter and jelly on Saltine crackers. You can nominate yourself, friends or loved ones for the contest.


1. What are your “food ruts” – snacks and foods you find yourself continuously eating….

2. Have you ever had Sabra hummus? What’s your favorite flavor?

Answer one or both of these questions for 5 extra entries into any of my current giveaways until July 30. Also, let Sabra hear your thoughts – tweet them your answer [@sabra] using #foodrut at the end. Further details about the Taste Intervention contest can be found here.

Good luck – I hope one of my readers win the contest!

Disclosure: I will receive coupons for free Sabra hummus in exchange for spreading the word about the Taste Intervention, which I will gladly accept because their hummus is delicious! I would never suggest something that I don’t eat myself!

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