Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sabra Hummus Breaks National Campaign

March 3, 2009
Todd Wasserman

Sabra, a hummus brand partially owned by Frito-Lay, is launching its first national ad campaign this month, an effort that beckons consumers to enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving home.

The TV, print and online campaign is also the first from New York agency StrawberryFrog. The campaign aims to acknowledge the clich├ęs of traditional food advertising but subvert them by taking an unexpected direction.

A TV ad, for instance, shows a middle-aged couple sampling the hummus along with some wine as they observe a sunset. "It's like our own Mediterranean vacation," says the father. A second later, an object comes crashing through a window behind them and it is made clear that they are at home and their teenage son is throwing a party. "I thought you said your parents were in the Mediterranean," one partygoer then mutters under his breath to the boy.

With growth of more than 50 percent last year, the Astoria, New York-based brand, which is also co-owned by the Strauss Group, hopes to ride the eat-at-home trend and a movement by U.S. consumers towards more exotic foods. "We hope to spark a movement through this campaign inspiring consumers to experience the world through the sounds, cultures and foods of the world right in their own homes," said Rodrigo Troni, CMO of Sabra Dipping Co., in a written statement.

Frito-Lay, a unit of PepsiCo, formed a joint venture with the Strauss Group in 2007, as Frito-Lay attempted to expand its portfolio of healthier snack foods. Hummus is said to use "healthier oils" than most snacks and contains no trans fats.

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