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March 8, 2009
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Sabra Launches the First Multi-Media Campaign for Hummus

Astoria, NY (March 2, 2009) – Sabra Dipping Company,, announced its first national multi-media advertising campaign will break during the first week of March in major US cities. The campaign, which is timely as many consumers shift their eating habits back to the home, inspires food lovers everywhere to take a dip into the Mediterranean without leaving home.
“We hope to spark a movement through this campaign inspiring consumers to experience the world through the sounds, cultures and foods of the world right in their own homes,” said Rodrigo Troni, CMO of Sabra Dipping Company. “Sabra is the top-selling hummus in America, ranking #1 among hummus in the refrigerated dips and spreads category for its smooth texture and delicious taste. Sabra’s dips and spreads revolve around the true taste of the Mediterranean and bringing consumers on a journey. We all want to enjoy healthy foods and special moments, and Sabra helps us get there.”
The campaign features Americans enjoying Mediterranean moments of relaxation before being brought back to reality. The creative acknowledges the clichés of traditional food advertising with a humorous approach while emphasizing the power of enjoying good food with friends and family.
"Modern food culture in America is all about discovering and sharing new tastes. It's all about the fact that Sabra is an authentic taste experience you can find in your grocer's deli section,” said Kevin McKeon, ECD of StrawberryFrog, the agency behind the new campaign.

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