Thursday, June 4, 2009

Enjoying a fresh hummus sandwich today, hummus great for kids lunch, too
June 4, 2009
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I am having a wonderful lunch today and you could have the same lunch tomorrow if you stop by Costco, Target or visit the Middle Eastern section of your favorite grocery store today. At Costco, you can get a huge tub of Sabra Classic Hummus for about 7 dollars, if I remember right.

I am having a hummus sandwich. It is so incredibly filling and healthy (2 tablespoons- which is a lot! - is only 80 calories). My daughter, Adele, is enjoying a hummus lunch, too (pictured at right).

I also picked up a Sabra hummus/pretzel snack kit for my daughter's field trip next week (picture below). can follow the company on Twitter. ID is sabrahummus. Yes, I am a follower.


2 slices of high fiber, 100% whole wheat bread (I like Brownberry's Natural Flax and Fiber - it stays moister than most wheat bread and is 80 calories a slice).

1 - 2 T Sabra Hummus - many kinds available
Generous pile of lettuce - I used a Spring Mix
Slices of tomato, cucumber, a little red onion and red sweet pepper
1 Teaspoon of your favorite salsa (I had homemade Tomatillo Salsa on hand...yum!)
I am growing fresh basil, so I put in a shredded leaf - not necessary, just nice

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