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April 12, 2009
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REVIEW: Sabra Hummus goes to book club! We didn’t go to the Mediterranean - just around the block!

Have you seen the latest Sabra Hummus commercials? In them, when sampling the smooth hummus, the couple is transported on a Mediterranean vacation. Well, our neighborhood girlfriend’s book club reviewed the Sabra (in addition to the book of the month) and took our own little trip to the Mediterranean!

Was it a best-seller or tragedy? Well, here are some of the comments from the book club girls: Yummy, smooth, tasty, better than other hummus. Judy said she likes tangier hummus - her favorite was the Toasted Pinenut Hummus. (I personally loved all the hummus and feel healthy for eating it!) The Babaganoosh was smoky, in a really good way. And, while we didn’t get to go to the Mediterranean, we did love the smoothness and full flavor of the Sabra Hummus.
I highly recommend Sabra Hummus for a healthy snack, a book club or party or just to have on hang in the refridgerator for a quick treat with carrots, crackers, pita chips or whatever!

And how was the book - very good, like the Hummus!

P.S. We tried to make a video of the tasting but 15 girlfriends in a room is a bit loud - as all the other neighbors on the street can confirm!

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